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RUBY RANDALL’s New Single ‘The City’. “Wake Up. Reset. Take A Deep Breath.”

Kindness flows from one direction to another. Sometimes flows from one to many. You’re my energy. My battery. Just direct your powers of love to me. And only to me. You are mine.

Your love is mine.

Your love is only mine.

Don’t share it with anyone.

Not the way you share it with me.

I won’t be able to take it; I won’t be able to address my limitations.

Forgive me in advance, regarding you, I’m need to be selfish.

I adore you.

It’s a place of mine, that keeps me sane and content. Be gentle with me.

Let’s not stop. Let’s not slow down.

“‘The City” is about coming to terms with discontentment in a city that can sometimes feel impersonal. It’s also about living in a place that moves really quickly, and how easy it is to keep yourself distracted,” states Ruby. “The lyric “maybe you’re afraid that when it slows, it’ll get heavy,” speaks to a fear of what will come up when we slow ourselves down.”

Some things are out of our hands. And sometimes even if it’s secure, it just feels like it’s slipping through your fingers.

Wake up. Reset. Take a deep breath.

Ruby will drop her second solo EP, sometime in 2019.



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