Ruby Red ‘Desert Star’ : To have the chance to grasp ahold, to something greater.

Ruby Red

Following up their 2018 EP, ‘Lovelock’, the childhood friends make good, once more, with their upcoming album ‘Area of Affect’ (June 26th). Within the new EP, is ‘Desert Star’. A gleaming symphony of dream like catches and synchronized efforts in vibe and ambience.

A bit lost, and never fully feeling like you belong, you look up at the sky to seek out the purposeful direction, you desire. You ponder the ever weeping continuity of space and time, to have the chance to grasp ahold, to something greater.

‘Desert Star’ is that journey of mind and body, culminating in a mix of desperation and calm acceptance. Forbidden before and for the current dilemmas. The vision of a gap in heart, is the hole that need to be filled and fulfilled.


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