Ruby Red ‘Ozone’ : That degrades and kills. Even if it’s just in the way of inspiration.

Ruby Red

From inception, the tune immediately captures its audience as Ruby Red expresses the reality of growth via taking a chance in un-calm waters or cloudy skies. The atmospheric slides of guitar strings and melodic bass maintain the track’s exuberance from start to finish.

Daniel Laner said: “With everything that’s going on, and with all this information floating about, it seems inevitable that ‘the times’ would make their way into some of our songs…I couldn’t shake the feeling of being stuck in a sort of purgatory between the earth and the sky, and in that, the first line was born: ‘A long way to fall this time / Got even farther to climb.’”

Added Fernando Fine: “Most people have at least one of these moments in their life where they undergo this great, overwhelming migration from what they know and love into the unknown.”

A transition of wealth in body and mind, frizzled into a candid moment of extravagant vagary. A transcendent mal-contentment, dowsed in the scurrying intentions, forbidden before and for the current dilemmas. The vision of a gap in heart, is the hole that need to be filled and fulfilled.

‘Ozone’ is that vapid air about ‘us’, that degrades and kills. Even if it’s just in the way of inspiration. Corruption and death does just that. And we hope ‘Ozone’ can help clear that air.

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