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Ruby Red Shares Scintillating ‘How It Should Feel’. “Hold on, recognize, own it till you cannot any longer.”

Built around the musings and talents of Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine, the 2018 formed duo, hits it near out of the park with ‘How It Should Feel’.

From a cover band to their refreshingly tropical breeze aesthetics, the band has developed a beautifully charismatic single. And with a mellow attitude as large and expansive as we can fathom, they debuted their EP ‘LOVELOCK’, covering the scene in the City Of Angels.

The follow up to that EP, ‘How It Should Feel’ is a melancholic pre-disposition in self-sacrifice and the promise to the Universe of ambitions finally turning to gold. The ‘hard to pin down’ sound of the duo, is both familiar, but by far, very ‘un-familiar in nuance.

As the synth framed elements, coax and prod, the vocals intertwine in a vaporous dance of subtlety and love. Sprouting from the r&b format, the digitally decadent arrangement of guitar and accommodating sounds, surge the electricity of that certain kiss, that touch, that embrace.

The world can slip through your fingers fast. Love can slip away, just as fast.

Hold on, recognize, own it till you cannot any longer.

Daniel and Fernando, expands a a mile further from their ‘Lovelock’ EP, appealing to the senses and our inner secrets at heart.


Look for a new project to release in the 2nd half of 2019.

We shall.



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