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Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks Shares ‘Dan Halen’. Album Drops August 31st.

RUDE DUDE AND THE CREEK FREAKS’ new album Self-Titled album drops August 31st. Today. And you should virtually pick one up. Why? Because it’s odd, weird, and guitar work that is surreal and just.

At least that’s how we feel it will be from this dang musical extravaganza of a single named ‘Dan Halen’.

Rhymes with ‘Van Halen’, but it’s ‘Dan Halen’, and the non-subtle comparison is JUICY. And when a fruit is juicy, or when your deep throat kiss with you girl is ‘juicy’ – the fruit and your relationship’s going places.

Might not be Maui. Nor will you trip take you to mental orgasm.

But it’s THERE. Staring you in the eye. Looking through you.

Then past you.

And then bites you head off.

Anywho, we digress.

The bone crushing acts of the band in this single is antithetical to ‘Van Halen’. Yes. Just like the days of David Lee Roth, there are craziness in the notes. But all are glued together with the demonic sounds that communicate: “Farewell, my dear, the day is done, and we’re going apple picking. Would you like to join? Because we need your body for our meal festivities.”

Again, we’re weird at CHF, and that’s the kind of ‘feel’ we get from this single.

Go with it.

The band consists of: Blake Lumry, Zachary Estess, Anthony Bayness, Zachary Hughey, and Robert Powers.



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