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Rue Snider – Dark Crystal Daze (live)

Death is needed. From journeying to the next chapter of life. Relationships end. We know this. But it hurts, no matter. Rue said: “It’s about letting go before you’re ready. It reflects the moment when a relationship is ending and a person’s best attempt at surrender still involves asking the other person for something. It’s a selfish, emotional space that many of us move through before finding healing after experiencing a broken heart. There’s the subtle manipulation of saying ‘go ahead and go but please remember XY and Z.’ It took a lot of work for me to realize how truly manipulative and controlling that kind of language is and that it proceeds from a place of lack and neediness, not love. I spent a lot of time projecting my own pain and fear onto other people and that takes work to unlearn. We’re all on a journey and I think the spaces on the way to healthiness and self compassion are very interesting and important to write about. This song captures a tiny piece of that journey.” Agreed. Brooklyn, NY based Rue is distinct, more raw than you’d expect, and his lyrics sting. He’s released full band indie rock music consistently for the past seven years to the tune of 3 LPs, 4 EPs, and several stand alone singles. Rue’s one of a kind. He’s built differently. And we dig that to the hilt.

MADANII & L:LUCID – Say Something

‘Say Something,’ by MADANII & L:LUCID talk about exactly this: about the state of vulnerability. “The idea was to keep ‘Say Something’ really simplistic; we wanted to build a structure of sound that can be easily understood- creating a space where everything else can breath and shine through” explained L:LUCID. “Sometimes opening up can be especially difficult for someone who tends to be introverted or more cautious” explained singer, Dena. Finding yourself transported to places of Aaliyah or Mya, you’re pushed towards the edge, very quickly. Your mind clicks into pleasure as the pulsing loops, profound and engaging, digs at your back. More than pop, this alternative push of notions and subjugated emotions, rancor and shine, as it tears apart the past. “It was really a journey shaping it to make it sound gritty and tangible, while also organic. At the same time, we needed to leave space for the vocals and make sure we find a way to get the best of both worlds”. The Berlin based duo, delivers with pastel juxtapositions. Beauty in melancholic-synth.

courtship. – Number 1

We’d stated about courtship. and their songs, “Funny, charming, innocent, dedicated – courtship.’s single ‘Guy Stuff’ is one of those songs that, no matter what the timeframe, it radiates with sunshine. Punchy 70’s like piano is a delight of flowery delight, as the bass guitar licks keep our sentiments for the good-ol-days a ‘thing’ for the moment.” Failures in relationships, sexual difficulties, unhappiness and miscommunications – juggling those elements makes you mad and in this single it’s a rant of epic proportions, done with their usual style of class. L.A. duo courtship. sound like the musical lovechild of Tame Impala and Vampire Weekend. See them next @ Rough Trade NYC, December 12th.

LEONARD. – Pull Me Closer

This is the second single released by LEONARD., a new project of Jonny Avery. This song is collaboration between a pop producer/songwriter and an experimental classical guitarist. Based out of Wellington, New Zealand, the electronica driven r&b/soul pop project, has a tinge of alt that is deliberate and distinct. An aromatic dessert of sultry sunsets and touch of decadence with the gal of your dreams. ‘Pull Me Closer’ delivers in that exact settlement of the funk and groove. A perfect balance of production, with the jazzy guitar solo gift, ties the song up, with the right attitude and altitude.

Lura & Ruggiero – Giving Up

Yea. Listen to the slap bass. You fall in love. EDM thrust with the elegance of grooves, let you know that you’ll be having a great time. French duo Lura & Ruggiero fills the song with enchanting vocals, catchy bass slaps, and a chopped up groove. Once you get to the drop, Lura & Ruggiero unleash a real blast, combining Neo Funk and Indie Dance.


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