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Rue Snider Shares Refreshing Single ‘Hot Summer Nights’. A Sticky Night In NYC Is Exhilarating And We Agree.

Summer in the good ol’ NYC (whether it be midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens) it is an exciting journey – always. Even in the most banal of a trip, there are ‘characters’ doing things and things that are weird. And that in itself is the ‘essence’ of the people who live in the city. Whether you call it a ‘caricature’ or ‘painting’ of what real life is like, certainly for the casual observer (and fans), NYC has all that is required to keep you attention at a high level.

And music is a vital part of that. NYC created what indie music IS. It then solidified what indie music COULD BE.

We enjoy this fruitful evolution, every day, and every year.

RUE SNIDER is one of those ‘caricatures’. And we sure are glad there is RUE and others like him. It’s about the journey, as we’d mentioned. And just like documentaries, we think RUE’s single ‘Hot Summer Nights’ help in describing the grittiness and the vascularity of such a ‘wonderland’ as NYC.

Then if a story about relationships is told in front of such a ‘debaucherous’ city…it’s something to behold.

His latest upcoming album ‘City Living’ (drops July 27) showcases the 80’s inspired sounds, which he loves, and ramps it up to a new method.

Describing his single ‘Hot Summer Nights’ he states: “There used to be a bar on Avenue B called Boxcar Lounge that had a two for one happy hour on everything until 10PM. I would drop off my clothes at the laundromat on the next block and drink myself into a stupor waiting for it to be done. A lot of seedy stuff went on in those East Village bars. Nobody was shy. A person can get lost living like that. I’m glad it’s behind me. But the party is part of the story that made me who I am, and that’s what this song is about.”

So very NYC. So very RUE.

We get jealous of experiences as RUE has experienced, for they can never be relived and is wholly his own. No one can pry it away from him.

Glad we have his music to appreciate, in glance.



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