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Rue Snider Shares ‘Run Away With You’. “Rambunctious, Full Of Life, Expecting Satisfaction”.

Love songs like RUE SNIDER’s ‘Run Away With You’. The ‘feels’ just brings out the jumble of memories (or imagined memories) to the front where we jump and shout next to the stage – having fun with friends, smiling, laughing, enjoying life.

Rambunctious, full of life, expecting satisfaction, falling in love, falling out of love – the single is a testament to the life that we want.

In a life that is filled with challenges, RUE SNIDER comes at us and offers airy and fun-loving songs of your past, your present, and the future of what should be.

The Brooklyn based singer/songwriter definitely combines the best of the 80’s and 90’s with the right amount of rockin’ fun to keep the kids (us) happy. In ‘Run Away With You’ we heard elements reminiscent of bands like Paul Simon, R.E.M., The Cure, and many of the 80’s pop-rock alternatives we deify today.

But Rue is Rue.

He puts on into sonic review, the kind of subjects that he’s interested in: emotion, spirit, civics, social.

“New York is the central character in the story of my life,” says Rue. “It’s my longest relationship. It’s real love and heartbreak rolled into one. It’s the ex lover who sticks around after the pain stops. It’s the seasons that change no matter what. It’s poetry personified. It’s incapable of dishonesty.”

Heck yea. NYC (or city livin’) can do that to people.

Rue’s honesty is the anchor to his music, and we’re glad to have experienced it through his particular eyeglasses.



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