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RUINERS Shares ‘Outside’. “Get In. While You Can. Then Get Kicked Out. You Deserve It.”

Ever since their debut with their 2016 EP ‘Wasted years’ and their 7-song 2017 LP ‘Plebeian’, RUINERS have been entertaining their fans with their hard-core songs, egotistical chanting style, hard riffs, and harder lyrical discombobulations. And all is GOOD.

That’s how their fans like it.

And we like it that way too.

From what we see from their earlier offerings and to their upcoming new album ‘Typecast’, the music continues to be hard, but as neurotic and thought provoking as they can be. The band has never lost the energy that is deemed and expected of them.

That kind of combination is a recipe for fabulous fun times.

And what’s not to like about that??


RUINERS is: Ian Hawkins, Joey Mains, Shan Pasha, and Hayden Wander.

September 8th @ Insomnia Gallery (Houston, TX) for ‘Typecast’ Album Release Party.



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