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rum·gold Shares ‘Get Through’. Get Ready For The New EP Drop 2019. Should Be Glorious.

It’s been a week or so since the debut of this soul punching deliciousness in ‘Get Through’ by, but it’s a always in season for repeating this golden offering from the Brooklyn based artist.

Singer/songwriter,, is getting ready to drop his debut 2019 EP ‘yaRn’ and this bodacious single should be in all of our minds. It sure is in our minds, front and center. The beautifully spread depictions of struggle and worldly endeavors, slice through the gray of existence, and day to day banality.’s perfect vibrato reverberates through the catacombs of your heart, and bounces to the utmost deployment in affection, empathy, understanding and uplifting cheerleading.

The world is what it is. wants us all to break through.

Get ready for the new EP. Should be a glorious event.



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