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Rumpistol – Circular Drops (ISAN Remix For Cassini) (Video)

ISAN did a lovely remix for their buddy Rumpistol and its gentle and beautiful!

Cassini was the much loved and celebrated satellite which explored our neighboring planet, Saturn. It had traveled around the solar system for 30 years and gave humanity much information and facts about how the planets worked and looked like.

And in celebration of that, ISAN, made this video to commemorate the life of Cassini (and its death).

Have a look see. We’re sure you will dig the song and video.

“Space has always been a little part of Isan, and I’ve always had a special fondness for the little probes and robots we send out to the farthest and loneliest parts of our Solar System.

“As I was working on the remix of Rumpistol’s gorgeous “Circular Drops”, NASA was live-streaming the final moments of the Cassini space probe after 13 years of exploring Saturn and its moons. I recorded the synth strings as I watched the last data signals from Cassini as it plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere,” ISAN described.

“The photos Cassini sent home in these final moments are beautiful, and tinged with just a little sadness – I don’t mind confessing I got quite misty-eyed as I watched. The remix is a tribute to the spacecraft and the people at NASA/JPL who took us on this incredible journey to Saturn. ”


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