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Runo Shares ‘Glasses’. “It’s that sliver of hope.”

Inspiration from the road of life is where the project RUNO blooms. A companion resolution, to a degree, to the hardships and challenges, Steven Delgado, digs deep within his soul, and pangs through to end results of music and commentary.

A self searching exercise, reflecting upon reflections, vicariously and so forth – Steven guesses at the future, but knows exactly where he’ll be. In direct words, he can’t describe this ‘future’ of his, but it’s there. He can feel it in his bones.

And from the bones that make up his body, and holds the heart that he sees as worthy of this grand old world – he survives, and thrives, even when there doesn’t seem to be space to do so.

It’s that sliver of hope, that RUNO lives, and sets root.

“In order to break free of your insecurities you have to do what you love, you have to love your self and in that process you learn to love others too.” – RUNO


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