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Russel Taine Jr. Shares ‘Year and a Moon’.

Austin based band RUSSEL TAINE JR, is a quartet made up of Aaron Winston, Cassie Shankman, Justin Winslow, and Cory Fica. The gang makes songs like ‘Year And A Moon’ where thoughts of whimsy creeps gently into the fabric of life and develops into a beautifully charged butterfly.

The band was formed in 2017 in a serendipitous way, but then spent the next many months playing shows together as presented here.

Their debut EP, ‘American Dream’ will be followed up by their 2nd Ep ‘Tales’, which is in progress.

Life of a band is often rough and hard. But from what we hear through the bedroom vibe strums and the surprisingly airy vibes of ‘Year And A Moon’, you get a shining sense that everything will be alright.

It’s funny that way sometimes, ain’t it?

RUSSEL TAINE JR is a surge of eye opening positivity, towards self and the horizon upcoming.



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