RUSSELL! ‘Scarlett’s Weekend’ : Conjures the right vibes, for the taking.


Love in the most fascinating and beautiful, RUSSELL! ‘Scarlett’s Weekend’ is the terms of that beauty, succumbed in letters, decorated in hearts and sincerity.

With gorgeous vocals, RUSSELL! brings the right atmosphere, again and again.

Toronto, Canada born singer/songwriter Russell! thrust fluid and imminent, r&b artistry to the fore. Combining traditions of r&b with Pop, Hip-Hop & Acoustic rock he’s one of the best kept secrets within the Toronto music scene – and beyond the border.

With both hands firmly on the wings of love, ‘Scarlett’s Weekend’ tattle tales in the gradient and sometimes perplexing world of affection and delight – conjures the right vibes, for the taking.

Look for more from RUSSELL!


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