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Ruthie – The Tide

Ruthie is quickly gearing up for the release of her much anticipated debut EP ‘Universal Heartbreak Now’ out on November 22nd, with the brand new single The Tide. Directed by Kamil Dymek (Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, Rina Sawayama), the video was shot in infamous London music venue MOTH Club and follows the viewer into Ruthie’s world of nostalgia and glitz, breaking gender normality. Of the video, Ruthie added: “This video is a not so subtle nod to one of my heroes, Bruce Springsteen. I wanted to capture some of the energy, masculinity and sexuality that he embodies and make it fit my shape.” Ruthie has this glitter about her music. The 70/80’s singer/songwriter vibe, thrusts with honesty and sentimental shimmer of a solum and heart breaking coming of age vibe. Can’t get enough. See Ruthie next @ All Dayer with The Magic Gang, in Leeds UK, on November 30th.

NITRODAY – Headset kids (ヘッドセット・キッズ)

NITRODAY is a rock band based in Yokohama, with an average age of 20. Their sound is reminiscent of ’90s US indie, alternative and power-pop. Characterized by Pei Omuro’s catchy hooks and verses abundant with word plays, the songs come with driven and yet sensitive guitar sound by Hiromi Yagi. Formed in 2016, the shoegaze power chord pop band kicks it up a notch with ‘Headset Kids’ – a riotous deliverance in castrating emotions and surging diaspora of attitudes.

The Awesome Welles – Is It Too Late (Change Your Mind)

It has been more than 5 years since The Awesome Welles released their debut album, where critics and fans endeared themselves with the irreverent and dynamic sounds the band offered. Now, after years of no sound, the band is returning to the surface with the ambitious single Is it Too Late (Change Your Mind) The organic and daunting sound of The Awesome Welles takes its baseline in a dogmatic preference for traditional, wooden instruments forced to their limits and combined with simple melodies which serves up an original kind of rock noir and altogether ideally forms the soundtrack for lead singer Adam Allen’s personal stories. So why the hiatus? “We had to die in order to resurrect,” said The Awesome Welles. “Our work has, as smoke and ashes has settled, risen and reminded us what drove us to create in the first place. It has shown itself to be larger than our personal selves, struggles and ambitions and it continues today to tell a universal story about our potential as humans, why it didn’t work out but also what we were doing together in the first place. We feel that these 9 songs pose universal questions to existence and we hope they will resonate with others as they have done with us”. Word. Upcoming album ‘River’s Edge’ drops November 15th. See them next live @ Xenon – scene for uafhængig scenekunst, Copenhagen November 28th.

Ogenblik – Daffodil

“This song is a reflective look inwards at our relationship with the natural world. Specifically, it’s about flowers growing by an estuary in a town called Rush in Ireland. It is about the hidden potential in a daffodil bulb that lies dormant all year and blooms early. And all the analogies that that suggests.” The project of Kildare, Ireland based artist Gregor Ruigrok, makes worlds within worlds. And his selection of chime-like hymns and declarations, make keen work of whatever the future might bring. A man of many thoughts and efforts, Gregor surrounds himself with doubtful energies, then refines them into positivity, all in the work to put something good for the world to chomp on. Gregor previously released music as ‘Trophy Boyfriend’ and was commissioned to do official remixes for Maximo Park and Cast Of Cheers among others. Ogenblik is a more personal project highlighting our relationship with the natural world, inspired by water stained bird guides and old field recordings.

N I T E F I S H – Moneyfuck

Reflecting the broad following of art punks, technoheads and indie kids that have started to coalesce around N I T E F I S H through explosive live performances at both late night open airs in the forests of Stockholm and sweaty basement venues around Dublin, his latest single ‘Moneyfuck’ is similarly an eclectic mix of styles, drawing as much from experimental hip hop and punchy gabber beats as post-punk and no wave, with instrumentals made from the warped images and sounds of a private jet commercial. And by the end of the day, how can you not love the bass and attitude of this oddly attractive piece from the artist?? You are not alive, if you don’t dig how it ends and gets you thinking differently about your immediacy. Taking influence from the climate actions led by Extinction Rebellion and the Kurdish liberation movements in northern Syria, as well as the work of sci-fi writer William Gibson and solarpunk literature, the single’s banal and oftentimes surreal lyrics use dark humor to both stare at the abyss


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