Ruti Shares ‘Racing Cars’. “The empowerment of ‘realization’ and ‘confidence’, soars out of the bedrock thrust of the single..”

RUTI has said that she had a dream. The dream of doing what she loves. And quite frankly (from our humble CHF opinion) she brings the shine to those dull stars, up above, when she sings and exerts with peace and tranquility through her songs.

The 2018 ‘The Voice’ UK introduced Ruti to the watching viewers and impressed, Tom Jones decided to mentor the budding starlet. And low and behold, she took the crown for the season 7 show and it was a beginning of a career she’d wanted for so long.

Her title track ‘Racing Cars’ is a part of her debut EP, which has a strand of stories about self-growth through the voluptuous choruses, only Ruti can deliver, and delicate steps to ultimate conquest of private and public ambitions.

“I feel like the whole EP says thank you to everyone that has supported me, which is a bit cheese but I kinda like that.” Ruti said, commenting on how she is surprised at how positive the EP is.

“I feel like it hasn’t changed me drastically, but there are certain things that are becoming normal to me that other people find quite strange.” She explained: “Like going into sessions with people I’ve never met before on my own. Also saying things like “Let me speak with my manager,” or “sorry I’ve got a meeting with the label this afternoon,” – that’s always fun!”

The 19 year old is fitting into her new roll, like a tailored suit, while enjoying every minute.

And in her first release of ‘Racing Cars’, the drizzling sentiments is coupled beautifully by the controlled ambience of Ruti’s powerfully poignant vocals; just bubbling underneath the skin of what it feels to just ‘BE’.

The empowerment of ‘realization’ and ‘confidence’, soars out of the bedrock thrust of the single, is amazing to take in.

The single is an open invitation to love what Ruti can do.

Now, and into the exciting future.



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