RX Soul ‘Look Good Feel Good’ : Pulling the good. Surviving.

RX Soul

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, RX Soul has been fascinated with storytelling from a young age. The talent of Rx Soul is kind of a staple for us. He is an artist with the stuff to contend with anything that may come his way. With each song, to each story told, the vibe of ‘just being another alt-pop song’, is never a part of RX Soul’s discussion.

“I wrote this song about a long stay away from home I had last year,” RX said. “I was staying in a tiny, smoking room at this cheap hotel, though I hadn’t asked for a smoking room–it made things a little sadder. I found myself buying a lot of clothes on this trip…I think without realizing I thought if I couldn’t feel good, at least I could look good.”


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