Rx Soul ‘Nightmare’ : Tastefully fortified.

Rx Soul

“Bear Grillz sent me this track to write to and I loved it…it had this vibe of loneliness, wistfulness like when you’re far from home. So I wrote Nightmare about a time when I was in a different state, away from the people I love and what it feels like to want to be back.”

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, rx Soul has been fascinated with storytelling from a young age. The talent of Rx Soul is kind of a staple for us. He is an artist with the stuff to contend with anything that may come his way. With each song, to each story told, the vibe of ‘just being another alt-pop song’, is never a part of Rx Soul’s discussion. We don’t prescribe to that notion.

Each rhythm and use of trending elements, are tactically and tastefully fortified in Rx Soul’s music. ‘Nightmare’ is palpable, and fabulous in its own right, as his other single have been to demonstrate.

Rx Soul’s trend continues.


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