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rx Soul – Something About You

“I wrote this song about a girl I used to know who I would’ve done anything for, and walked into any situation with. At a certain point I realized there was something about her that made me change some things about myself, for better or worse. “Something About You” is me letting my imagination run with how far that situation could’ve gone and what I might’ve gotten into with this person—if it had lasted.” Rude sacrilage of the setting orange sun. It stared at you with the unbelievably salient and dry look of judgement. But as the tropical vibes of you warm the ice cold heart of the beloved, all is forgiven. Fun, tongue-in-cheek, serious – relationships are a budding pallet of mysteries sometimes. Let’s roll with the punches.

Paden – Stories

The band Paden is a Nashville based duo whose alternative music contemplates the struggles and doubts of adulthood by accentuating the sense of wonder, curiosity, and innocence of being young. Phillip Englehart and Sabrina Englehart, combine their talents to share the message that you are not alone. They hope to tap into the journey of growing up to create connection and hope in the hearts of their generation. The lullaby of ‘Stories’ is a beautiful dedication for the young at heart, dangerously daring in action, and of the caring pieces of emotions that are strewn on the beaches of the long and arduous life. Because it will be hard. Tears will be flowing. Smiles will engulf at times. ‘Stories’ is gorgeously sung by Sabrina and is the a perfect accompaniment to many a marriages of a lifetime.

Rose Cousins Cover: Prince – I Would Die For You

JUNO Award-winning songwriter Rose Cousins recently shared her version of Prince’s classic “I Would Die 4 U”. Recorded with Bear’s Den and Christof van der Ven while all were serendipitously in Toronto on a day off from tour. “Prince died on my birthday,” Cousins said. “He was bigger than life and yet so utterly, humanly vulnerable. Everyone has their own relationship with his music; I find his story and talent fascinating and his death tragic. This particular song resonates with me and when I knew the Bear’s Den guys were in town I could hear us all singing it. We had no idea we’d all be in town at the same time until two nights before when I was at their show in Boston. I’m such a fan of these guys and I’m so pleased we got to collaborate again.” Beautiful support, beautiful thrust from Rose. Perfect.

Freedom Fry – 1983

Stated Freedom Fry: “1983” is a folky song about a couple who broke-up after high school in the 1980s and have suddenly seen each other again in present day. There is a flood of memories coming back of all the good times. It’s a bit of a slow burn, production-wise, and builds with the instrumentation as it goes. This is track one on our new EP called “1983.” Lovingly crafted as usual, the vocal harmonies from the duo, delivers with crisp and clear vibes that never turn off when they sing. Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll are the purveyor of this sentimental and gorgeously twinkling single that is all that is good in this world. Serendipitous manifestations, converging to give a love – a Universal love – the cosmic permission to thrive and go anywhere it chooses. Wonderful thoughts and wishes come from the ever positive and engaging duo of Freedom Fry.

The Savage Poor – It’s a Long Way Down (Growing Up)

The new EP is a mix of dark and light, a poetic take on these strange times and a colorful collaboration with the music community of Central Texas. The title comes from Voltaire’s Candide, a comic novel of human absurdity. “My brother and I have lived in Texas for over 13 years”, says singer, guitarist Jeff Brown. “It took awhile, but it finally feels like home, like we belong. Without changing what we do, we kind of wanted to take our hands off the wheel and see what would happen if we entrusted our music and artwork to the community that we have come to love.” The project was originally initiated by Shawn Sahm after he and Jeff played a gig together. “Shawn is incredibly smart, with an encyclopedic knowledge of rock and pop music. This He also likes to record electric guitars at a volume that makes it sound like Godzilla is approaching! There is sort of that split personality running through the entire project. For instance, the lyrics were written during periods of reflection and solitude, but the making of the record was really collaborative and extremely fun. Yeah, let’s just leave it as fun. I don’t want to incriminate anyone, least of all myself.” The new Savage Poor EP ‘All’s Well In El Dorado’was produced and recorded by Shawn Sahm (Texas Tornados), mixed and mastered by Stuart Sullivan (Sublime, Meat Puppets), and the cover art was done by no other than longtime Austin artist, comedian, and musician Kerry Awn.


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