Rx27 ‘Hell of a Time’ : Proactively seeking that one touch of vibrance and rebelliousness.


For this Los Angeles, avant-garde, goth punk band—it’s a day to day occurrence. Simple as that.

Much like the human spirit; it can withstand anything, however..there comes a breaking point. Joie’s stream of consciousness-type lyrics slowly creep through as he rattles off 2 American icons that have overcome their own adversities.

A collapse of layers, mounted with blood urging vibrations, define the existential into the most real. The music of Rx27 is more of you and your deeper punk desires, proactively seeking that one touch of vibrance and rebelliousness.

The trials and tribulations of being an artist in a “not-so-artist-friendly” world inspired this tale. If you are going through hell, Rx27 is here to show you the way out is through.

Thad Coleman, Joie Blaney, MisMaXine Murrderr and Anthony Feery bring the fire to the show.


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