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Ryan Burns – Earthly Paradise

‘Earthly Paradise’ is off of RYAN BURNS’ debut EP, ‘The Institute’. “Each song on the album is inspired by a piece of art at the Art Institute of Chicago.” Story of Adam and Eve, Ryan’s voluptuous imagination is sullied quite redemptive-ly with the layers on this single. The forthright presence of the banjo, keeps the connection to the ‘earthly’ habitation of our psyche, but the overarching story of the two who started a paradise lost, is quite the treat. Ryan is also a member of the Chicago’s DISTANT BROTHERS, as well.

Shawnee – Ur The Only One

“This is a messed-up love song but its like, welcome to my brain,” said Shawnee. “Knowing your demons haunt you, contaminating your vision of yourself muddled by life experiences and then…there she is. This song is different then anything I have ever released. In my head I knew exactly what I wanted this track to become and what it needed to be.” SHAWNEE carries a certain joie de vivre and certain kind of heft when singing. Demons be damned. Life experiences will shutter. The sultry vocal attentions, caresses your core. Something about it, no?

minihorse – Summer Itch
“‘Summer Itch’ is a song about a feeling I’m sure most Michiganders will understand,” explained Ben Collins of, minihorse. “When it’s freezing, I have a tendency to lock myself indoors. The days are short and sunlight is hard to come by. There’s a lethargic feeling to the whole thing, which drives the central tempo of this song. Initially, when we recorded it, everything was a bit more mid-tempo, until we tried massively slowing the whole tape machine down, stretching out the sound in the process.” The introspective visions of Ben is ripely written down on musical notes. “”When you look at your thoughts and watch them happen, you almost don’t feel responsible for them at a certain point,” he continues. “Thoughts happen to you. You feel more like an observer, as if you’re the victim of your own thoughts. It’s freeing—when you don’t feel like you have to control, you can be more open and listen to what your brain is doing.” Word.

Ben Day – Quiet

Said BEN DAY: “‘Quiet’ is a song about a hopeful relationship ending before it begins. It’s a song about all the sad, unremarkable, quiet moments that can happen and what they can mean to us.” And for certain, they mean many different things to all of us different emotional beings. And Ben knows this lovingly in ‘Quiet’. With virtuous vocals, and lyrics that profound with layers of thoughts and meaning, his spoiler is that the world might be harsh, but can be beautiful for what it can be. Positivity and love is what BEN DAY’s single is about. The drenched shift in hue and empathetic profanity, we sigh with gladness and reserved joy. ‘Quiet’ is a fabulous song. Quite a fair.

Dirty Nice – Up 2 Speed
“Nowadays, no-one is ‘Up 2 Speed’. The world is moving too fast for humanity to cope. We can no longer reliably predict the future, even just a few years ahead. This song follows the story of old friends reuniting and struggling to keep up”. East London duo DIRTY NICE is a swanky pop electro extravaganza that will want to get you up to snuff – on the dance floor – but in an alternative vibe. Not quite pop. Not quite fully dance. The underlying indie shimmer is a beautifully enigmatic sort of music, and it’s just glorious to have fun to. Thanks both Charlie Pelling and Mark Thompson for their work. Your treat for those tired days is here.


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