Ryan Dart (Covers) Tom Waits ‘Pony’ : Takes on a different hue of color in Ryan’s version.

EP ‘The Farm’ is out now.

Ryan Dart

‘The Farm’, Ryan Dart’s latest EP, was recorded Live in Austin, TX in January 2019 with Richard Bowden on Fiddle, AJ Fullerton on Guitar, Peyton Langford on Bass, Keith Hernandez on Drums, Nik Parr on Piano, Ryan Young on Guitar, Julia Ward on BG Vocals, and Ryan Dart on Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, and Wurlitzer Piano. (except for Pony which was recorded live at Coupe Studios in Boulder CO in December 2018 with Don Stahl on Drums and Alex Goldberg on bass)

Said Ryan: “This album came together in such a beautiful and organic way that it felt like the most honest expression I’ve ever been able to capture in the studio. We tracked almost everything in less than two weeks and most of these were done in less than three takes. The vibe was right and the full moon kept us tapped into something special! I’m excited to share this with the world”

Ryan Dart is a singer-songwriter who writes with a unique blend of mountain wisdom and “hard times” Southern grit. His emotive calm vocal attitudes exude the right amount of bluegrass/country vibe that certainly entertains with the best of ’em.

‘Pony’ is expertly done by Ryan, as he hits a different tone of vulnerability, with an injection of his natural slice of country effervescence that Tom’s original purposefully omitted. A silent vision for what life could be, takes on a different hue of color in Ryan’s version.

Both indubitably artful and fabulous to listen to.


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