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Ryan Egan // Sam Phay // Marc Miner & Agnes Milewski // The Western Den // Uncle Frank

Ryan Egan – Who’s Left Behind?

RYAN EGAN in this single ‘Who’s Left Behind?’, he is very unfair. Unfair because in this single, by combining jazz and r&b relativities, he’s built a jaunting and beautifully taunting slight to a fragmented memories of a far off love. The encapsulating vocals of Ryan, gains goosebumps like Internet sales, and cashes out with the notion that, maybe that ‘possible love’ has passed by. The New York City artist does his thang, and we dig it like the sunrise. Let’s rise.

Sam Phay – Trace

The Australian writer/producer SAM PHAY continues his foray into the music scene with ‘Trace’. A sardonic vision of capacities in love, inactions, and self defiance. “This song is really important to me because I had to really actively give myself permission to do something I hadn’t allowed myself to do before,” he explains. ‘Trace’ is the artist’s debut single and on December 6, he’ll be playing his debut show supporting JEFFEE in Melbourne.

Marc Miner & Agnes Milewski – Sleepy Sunshine

Austria based singer-songwriter Agnès Milewski and (also based in Austria) Americana-artist Marc Miner combines to bring a folk induced ballad for the notions of being strong and optimistic of the future. “It always feels special to me when I get the chance to sing with Agnès. I already knew I want her angelic voice on ‘Sleepy Sunshine‘ while I was writing it.“ Milewski adds: ”It’s such a beautiful and cute song, so I didn’t want much asking. We had a lot of fun in the studio and we knew right from the start how the song should sound.“ ‘Sleepy Sunshine’ is a fairy tale for the youth in all of us.

The Western Den – Hem

THE WESTERN DEN’s debut album ‘A Light Left On’ is due to release early 2019. Demonstrating the best traditions familiar of bands like Bear’s Den, the sights and sounds of THE WESTERN DEN insights feelings of longing and confusion, towards the probable. But with a glint of solitude and unity, those inner feelings well up and fortify, with the confidence that ‘everything will be alright’. Traversing threads that binds happiness to tragedy, ‘Hem’ is a classic folk endeavor, and it resonates with a palpitating heart beat.

Uncle Frank – Hey!

In 2019, UNCLE FRANK’s album will drop. In it, there is this single named ‘Hey!’. Yes. The lyrics include the word ‘hey’. And lots of it. Why is that? Because this single is about the observance of the observe, then in a language of sonic grooves and funk, UNCLE FRANK tells you that you should get off your butt. To do what? That’s where you ambitions come in. Do you have ambitions? In any case, take heart that the tropical tinge in ‘Hey!’ is a wake up call. Dance, then do something cool today.


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