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Ryan Hoffman and the Pioneers – Fulcrum Chalet

From the wastes of the desert, the sorrows emerged. And when they came across the delight of the sounds made by the band of colors, all were fascinated and paused to absorb its uniqueness. The world pauses a bit when RYAN HOFFMAN AND THE PIONEERS play ‘Fulcrum Chalet’. The outrageous demolition of norms, crack open like yesterday’s emotions, where the solum come to sit, and stay, and hang a while. What a glorious friend. Get familiar. It’s comfy.

Semler – Shades Of Blue

‘Six Feet Under All The Same’ is SEMLER’s latest EP (available now). And in the single ‘Shades Of Blue’ she tackles the ideas of betrayal, perceived truths, honor, conviction, and loss. “I wrote this song after my oldest friend told me she wouldn’t participate in my wedding due to her religious beliefs,” stated Grace Semler Baldridge. The song transcends religion and beliefs, and poses the right questions on what it means to be ‘human’ in the course of contradictory doctrines. Heavy stuff indeed.

Dancing on Tables – Stereo

DANCING ON TABLES is devious. They make classic rock offerings like this single ‘Stereo’ and just says ‘take it or leave it’. Wha?? What do you mean ‘take it or leave it’? “We mean it’s been built for you, bespoke, tailored. So, the ball is in your court to joint us on this endeavor.” That’s what their music told us, subliminally, and we just succumb to their zeitgeist. It’s a fab single, clean and to the point, with a tint of mystery. Heck yea.

Maurice Amour – Believe Yourself

The ever uplifting single ‘Believe Yourself’ texturizes the uncertainty of dis-belief within, with the contrasting and formidable possibilities of the future. Can the future of your ‘wants’, become reality if not kept in mind and heart? Maybe not. MAURICE AMOUR recommends that we all should have that little light, nice and bright within us, to keep trying & pushing towards that end line. And satisfaction is more than likely come your way. MAURICE AMOUR is a project of English artist Brandon Hargrave who travels similar roads. Take hark.

Slide – Laugh Some More

Swedish indie-rock band SLIDE debuts with their single ‘Laugh Some More’ off of their debut EP ‘Into Happiness’ which is due for release Spring 2019. The ‘sights and sounds’ of the duo, Albin and Simon, deliberately grazes on the meat of life, and laughs at the strangeness and impending direction of it. They know they are within that same realm, and to their best ability try to understand and extract lessons.


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