Ryan Nealon ‘Mistakes’ : Lovingly sung with ambrosia goodness. An anthemic explosion, for and of the heart.

Ryan Nealon

Beautiful expressions in song is what Ryan Nealon’s gifts lie. A gorgeously produced single, ‘Mistakes’ engulfs with clapping happiness, in the vibes of a better tomorrow. The past belongs in the past, as there is nothing else we can do to change it. What we can do, is to tackle the fast coming future, to amend, to embrace, to ‘do better’, instead. Never forgetting what was, but always reminding yourself that another minute is available to change it all around.

“‘Mistakes’ is a bit more on the personal side and was very uncomfortable to write because of how much it hit home,” said Ryan. “These are things that I don’t like telling people–I don’t like being painted as a villain let alone admitting to it regardless of my intentions. This song really helped me forgive myself for not reading into situations more and has helped me grow into the man I am today.

Lovingly sung with ambrosia goodness, ‘Mistakes’ is an anthemic explosion, for and of the heart.

Written with friend Bret Paddock: “We wanted to write something very brutally honest about my past, and even though it hurts, I think there’s a real beauty in sharing a song that was never meant to be shared.”


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