Ryan Rickenbach Shares ‘Adelaide’. “Beautiful hymn and dedication to a friend.”

“Well it sounds nice,” RYAN RICKENBACH stated. “It makes people stop and think a bit. I don’t know if I can elaborate beyond cosmic folk being a unique expression of the universal.”

Calm and collected, the mischievously curious songs of Ryan, expounds with both fists on the table. A wooden structure where we temporarily put aside our worries and immediate concerns, the decorative embellishment of that emotional table, takes into account the sullen and the profound.

“I was born Ryan, which is Gaelic for ‘Little King’. You can either choose a new name or live up to the one given to you. By forgoing a more traditional path in life in favor of creating music, I feel like I’m meeting that challenge. I’m my own little king, creating my own little cosmos.”

Chance. A part of the ingredient of life that can add to the spice or detriment to it. Ryan’s friend took that chance, and through ‘Adelaide’, Ryan tells of a friend who quit his job, and went on a cross country trip of a lifetime. Happiness in fulfillment was cut short, when he died of a chance car accident.

Ryan remembered: “His passing was a seminal moment in my life. He was an extremely intelligent and deeply loyal friend. The word ‘Adelaide’ is a beautiful sounding word to me, one I think aptly represents a paradisiacal hereafter.”

“I wanted it to have vibrancy,” said Ryan of the music video. “To be full of life. Whenever you’re surrounded by an abundance of life you’re also surrounded by the mystery of it, so through this I hoped to emphasize the gravity of existence. Phil and Rob shot a ton of beautiful footage with a concept in mind, but the hard part was putting it all together and making the narrative coherent.”

Acceptance comes after the rage of the proper unfairness of the dimension of reality we reside. The mystery of it all can be ignored, or embraced. Ryan chooses to do both, as he knows he’s on his own trek for knowledge and fulfillment.

‘Adelaide’ is a beautiful hymn and dedication to a friend, and of the ambitions to which we all, to a degree aspire to acquire.

Let’s move forward.

Ryan’s friend would have wanted it that way.


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