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Rydell // Charlie Taylor // Modern Native // Charlee Remitz // Favor

Rydell – Queens & Kings

Based in Vienna, RYDELL shows us what to do with ‘Queens & Kings’. The track was produced by Magnus Thomson (aka MOBO UnSung nominee GoodBrain), and it immediately envelopes you in the soul/groove that you’d though you’d never hear again. RYDELL brings it back, with succulent vocals that defines her wares. ‘Queens & Kings’ is a “love letter to Vienna and all the stories the city’s walls have heard.” Certainly walls of many buildings have seen and heard many great things. And the most ridiculous of things. Human history is that jumble of good and the bad, with the latter outweighing most it throughout. Until now – in this modern era, where an countless number of individuals have come out of poverty, we live to make the world an even better place to reside and take care of. But we can start with RYDELL, and her punitively beautiful & gargantuan tone of vibes. Let’s smile. There will be even bigger things coming from this accomplished artist.

Charlie Taylor – Disappear

“If I can have a million dollars…” Life changing money. People changing money. Will it be the same? But will it be worth it, so the only two people can live, without distractions and disturbances? Maybe. A thought project from CHARLIE TAYLOR makes it a tantalizing exercise to prolong in our day-dreaming minds. Charlie writes with utter talent, where she utilizes the nuance of techniques and emotions, to tell a story of compelling cause and possible affection. In ‘Disappear’, the protagonist is driven to a perspective as a young woman, for whom grappling with what she is and what she always wanted to be. She calls her EP Sad Barbie, as it is a commentary on the tragic social transactions we participate in. A self described ‘Bad Girl’ when growing up, she tries to make sense of it all, with thoughts of how things could have been different. But to us, she seems to conclude that she’s only the person she is now, because she’d been such a way in the past? How can erasing one part of your existence, satisfy in any way? It’s a hard question. But just like that ‘bad girl’, she takes her methods to try and uncover for herself, the delicacies of living and trying to thrive. What else is left? What else is more tastier than that?

Modern Native – Telly

London’s Exuberant MODERN NATIVE makes 80’s inclined indie-pop, bringing together inspiration from Prince, Stevie Wonder and Tears For Fears, mixed with the likes of Fickle Friends and The 1975. Together with previous alias ‘DOM’, the songwriter/producer accumulated over 100k streams in approximately 8 months. “Live your dreams…feel the feelings”. New chapters open for anyone who’d want to try. MODERN NATIVE keeps the fires of relationships alive, as his single ‘Telly’ keeps the prospects of connecting with the world, a reality to be captured. The sine and pomp of entertaining in this world, is always a double edged sword. Sometimes we need to break away from the madness of being disconnected, and join the real world of touch and familiarity. Let’s meet in person again.

Charlee Remitz – Pretty Genius

“I wrote and produced Pretty Genius, taking inspiration from comic books. The old, crinkled, washed out colors from the 80s. The pop art, the drama.” CHARLEE REMITZ is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. We’d said of her in a previous post: “All culminates in an ambient synth which envelopes you in that blue-green cloud; an exists between reality and fantasy that is odd but very familiar.” The talent to realize what is need to make a song flow from start of a tale, to the end in resolution – is where Charlee shines, every time. And with her exposed vocals of raw vibrance, is a touch of steely confidence that just rakes through the galaxies and reverberates with meaningfulness. Charlee’s intentions with her music is of lessons learned, shared with humbleness, and a sharing of intimacy of utter truth. Charlee wins every time. Every song. Every grasp of those tears in love.

Favor – Wiki

Jeppe Gade is FAVOR. And this fall his upcoming EP drops, from this fabulous Dutch artist. After the release of Favor’s debut EP in 2018, Jeppe has turned his focus inwards and found a far more personal nerve in the music and especially in his quirky lyrical universe. Crackling rises, and phasing bass, frames up the delight of ‘Wiki’, where FAVOR’s bright side for life and new adventures comes to fruition as the grooves of the single chills into your body’s DNA. A side of life and what’s to come, radicalizes the urges for better and better. See FAVOR again @ Deco Cph, Copenhagen on October 16th. Let’s get boppin’


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