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Ryder Havdale Shares ‘Jessy Lanza’. “Gentle Ride Along That Highway.”

RYDER HAVDALE is a Berlin/Toronto songwriter and producer, who’s a painter on the sound activated textured landscape. The electronica craftsman in ‘Jessy Lanza’ explores emotions and what our integration within this matrix, falls into or out of. Dedication is a hard place to coax and maintain.

‘Candy Haven’ is Ryder’s latest full length LP and in it he expands and continues his synth driven, experimentations – melding together his past outputs of guitar laid tracks with the current interest in digital and synth mechanical extravagance in sound.

‘Jessy Lanza’ is a rare song with lyrics on this new album, but it unobtrusively breaks off and deviates you from the total electronica experience, before it hands the baton back on the 10 track sonic pallet.

All songs were produced by Ryder Havdale, with Ewan Kay (Moon King, Omhouse, Rykka) and mastered in Berlin by Bo Kondren (Caribou).

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