S.N.O. ‘Psychopath (Special Edition)’ : Inbound vision, grinds your external hides and helps to reveal the sanity.


With a 2 ton weight of emotions and accumulated experiences, S.N.O. divulges from the norm and wants to offer stories of betrayal, loneliness, hate and love in a tightly packed alt-pop syringe of lyrical barbs.

“‘Psychopath’ isn’t what you’d expect–a socket wrench from my garage paired with a sturdy knife on a sharpening block make up the backbeat of the song with some gritty bass and electric kicking things up at the hook,” said S.N.O. “I’ve spiced up the instrumentals to be radio ready since my first release in early July.”

Added S.N.O.: “No fancy soundproofing, just me, wedged between a shoe shelf and a heaping pile of laundry. I’m like every other newbie artist out there, with the exception that I prioritize my message over popularity and realize i’m insignificant in an oversaturated industry. I’m not into loops. I start with lyrics, build a melody and fail forward till everything comes together.”

Straight forward and concentrating in the craft of story, S.N.O’s inbound vision, grinds your external hides and helps to reveal the sanity that might exist just underneath.

But pain, must be endured.

Can you hack it?


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