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Sabel // Candy For Big Kids // mone // VAZUM // Aaron Taos

Sabel – Two by Two

From her beautifully constructed folk driven pop EP ‘Mirth Drive’, SABEL’s vocals shimmer like a dream in ‘Two By Two’. Reminiscent of artists like Sarah Mclaughlin, Nora Jones, and Diana Krall, SABEL’s talent is a perfect intention of love and affection. ‘Two By Two’ and the EP is worth your attention.

Candy For Big Kids – Sticks & Stones

Collective, CANDY FOR BIG KIDS’s single ‘Sticks & Stones’ is carried with utter strength and understated ambition by duo singer-songwriters Barry Peelen and Ashley Turi. Out of San Luis Obispo, CA, they work with producer/manager Nathan St. John of Orange, CA. Innocence and naivite, turns into gumption and coming-of-age maturation before your eyes through the lyrics of ‘Sticks & Stones’. This indie-pop alternative offering is caring, and empathetic, belying the weight of the subject of the heart. A delight in an otherwise hectic world.

mone – Romance

“I spent a large part of my childhood behind my parents piano, fooling around with both classical and jazz music. In my teens I fell in love with the electronic genre and ever since, I have spent my time creating a universe around this creature I call ‘mone’”. Twenty-four year old Danish sound-design student, Nina Liv, is the soul behind this alien being named ‘mone’. Like a meteor in the night sky, it fires and crackles, in violence in its inherent beauty. Glowing in orange, red, white, and gray, mone’s single ‘Romance’ delivers in an outer Galactic seance of future toils and predictions. Secret in its regard, but all do telling, you’re succumbed to the madness. The gleaming and golden madness of mone.

VAZUM – Promise

Marching towards the night of the end of the war, the thrusting pump of the winning firearms, push the ants forward. With victory in hand, they look forward to the surreal surrender of their enemy, after all this time. VAZUM is the absolute guitar driven alt-rock band from Detroit that oversees this kind of marching order. A vision and emblem of our natural wonder with winning and conquest. VAZUM’s 90’s conscious R.E.M. like angular interpretation of their surroundings, mange to uncannily deliver in something very special and delicious. Power chords, vocal harmonies, unadulterated garage madness – it all speaks, like the urging of destruction and chaos. Their latest and 3rd album ‘Variant’ is available now.

Aaron Taos – Bloom

‘Bloom’ is a part of his recently offered is a song about ‘having a crush’ on his friend’s sister. Aaron continued: “It’s got the whole forbidden fruit vibe where we both have feelings for each other but are unable to act on them given the context. The song is my confession about this underlying tension and making the case to this person that we should give in to our feelings. It’s the fantasy of letting our love blossom – a natural progression like the spring flowers in bloom.” Never tells us whether it came true or not. We hope it did. After all, we’re all adult here, right? Or are we? We’d stated about Aaron in another review: “Sometimes AARON TAOS comes off as a ‘wise old sage’ who’d done his meditation at the peak of the mountain, then coming down those same hills and rapping out knowledge about relationships and its inherent frailties for us to absorb and learn from.” In that sense, we think Aaron’s swell.


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