SABEL Shares ‘Mirth Drive’. “Second single off of her upcoming debut EP, delivers supple goodness.”

Reflective consternations in flight. That’s what we think of SABEL’s lyrics and her her music. A pool of collected resistance of thoughts and feelings, registered through conduits in ingratiations unfounded, undeserved, but always gracefully embraced. It’s that effort into a secret garden of a singing collage of sentiments, which exactly affords our personal whims and justifiable hindsights – never overbearing, always encouraging.

There are things that we cannot just let go. There are things that we just can’t fully embrace. But we do our best to all of those things, to move forward, and to grow.

In her second single off of her upcoming debut EP, SABEL delivers intimacy, both in profound reach and transparent decadence. The time clock ticks as we examine our personal endeavors, often grading our own efforts, with the promise of improving. Changing of decades, along with the inevitable change in the stages of life, has become the subject matter at hand. And through SABEL’s impressive vocal attention and delivery, ‘Mirth Drive’ is a beautifully tailored offering of nostalgic tinge, dipped in feelings of trepidation but brightened with a healthy helping of positivity for the future.

And just like ‘Mirth Drive’, possibly reflective of her own musical evolution (from Isabella Rose to her current moniker, SABEL) her views and replies to life has itself moved forward. From a 4 year old playing the piano and attending University to extend her philosophy on music, she’s come a long way – consciously and more importantly, substantively.

Thought and care seems to go into her writings, as each word dance delicately without pretense or demand from the listener. The only ‘ask’ is that the words be heard – by you, by all of us – with the expressive agreement of taking a small but significant journey with the artist.

SABEL’s ‘Mirth Drive’ is quite the ballad, and we think you should listen to its supple goodness.

Look for even more from SABEL.



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