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Sabiine // Pasquale Gee // xOxford // CAii // Ellie Hall

Sabiine – Secrets

Bad ass? Yep. The Atlanta based alt-pop songstress, gives no stress, and don’t want any of your, either. Said Sabiine: “The song has pop/hip-hop influences with haunting, jazzy vibes but, you know… still a bop.” The challenges in listening to such angel like vocals, contradicting the stresses of life’s bumps and grinds – it’s a refreshing jaunt for any pair of ears. The soft vibes of ‘Secrets’ is delivered in quite characteristic Sabiine style. Bold and constructive, her words combine with inspiring pop renditions, and deliver with a gut punch that is vibrant, to say the least. Add to that Sabiine’s distinctive vocals, you just can’t beat the offering.

Pasquale Gee – Bring This Back

“‘Bring This Back’ is a laid back, chilled out song with a message that a lot of people can relate to,” said Pasquale Gee. “The less is more approach when it comes to production really opened the door for powerful lyrics and a ‘head bopping’ chorus. Brooklyn based, Pasquale’s soulful love ballads and heartbreak anthems have lead him to become a fabulously promising newcomer.

xOxford – Warm Bodies

“Our newest tune is a fun and funky dance pop groover about questioning the nature of a relationship but hoping for the best. We’re stoked to release this song just a few days before our show with Two Feet at the Summit in Denver.” Dreamy synth-pop band xOxford is based out of Englewood, Colorado. RHIMMS and Eric Lake make up this decadent sonic addition. Disco vibin’, pop goodness oozes, and you just can’t wait to dance to the music.

CAii – Stuck

‘Stuck’ is the 2nd single from the EP ‘Tangle’ by alternative pop singer-songwriter and producer CAii. The Manchester grown artist makes the best of her platform, with charming vocal habits, reflecting with emotional candor and spirit. The artist has garnered huge downloads and following on social media, and doesn’t seem to be stopping that trend any time soon.

Ellie Hall – Demons

Currently based in London, Ellie Hall is an exciting artist blending catchy pop hooks with unique twists and turns. Ellie mused: “The most terrifying part of intimacy is letting someone inside your head.” She continued: “‘Demons’ is about letting someone see your more vulnerable side, allowing them to see every part of you and everything that goes with loving you, and wondering if they’ll still take you as you really are, if they’ll accept and maybe even love your Demons.” This single is the 3rd track from her EP ‘Crown’.


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