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Sad But Sober // Clear Soul Forces // Hantiks // J.Lately // Ceschi

Sad But Sober – 90210

Vibes. That’s what SAD BUT SOBER is all about. Drizzle, drop, plop, drab – the words that describe the gray atmosphere SBS constructs in ‘90210’ is somewhat of a trip that you can’t turn your head from. As attractive as a genius working the best informercial, the oddity of this single IS EXACTLY the point. You want to see where this goes. You want to see where SBS wants to pull this sled full of gnostic talent, into. Intrigued is the least of it, for sure. Get in the car. Let’s ride.

Clear Soul Forces – Hit Me Now

Detroit’s CLEAR SOUL FORCES. What can’t be said, that cannot be said through their body of work? Well, just to amplify, the rhyme work of this band of souls can’t be touched. As the sophistication of balance and riotous rebellion, hints straight and hard, supported further by the strong soundscape. Group member Noveliss’ own words, “This track is like a capsule full of all the random things that describe CSF.” Clever, smart, aggressive, and tender, are some of the best adjectives to describe ‘Hit Me Now’. “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”, y’all. CLEAR SOUL FORCES’ new LP ‘Still’ drops February 22nd.

Hantiks – Ready, Set, Go

Raw is where HANTIKS starts. The intriguing production of his ‘Ready, Set, Go’ is a beast from a past in our 80’s dreams. However, the attraction is deep, as the charm of the ol’ school pop-rap sentimentalities shine like the sun. With ‘karaoke’ like vocal results, you just can’t help but go and dig the flow. HANTIKS is Devin Hannam, and he is based out of London, Ontario (Canada), where gold is panned and displayed to the world, as he already does. In a way, his work in ‘Ready, Set, Go’ is monstrous. We dig this like no tomorrow. Go, go Hantiks.

J.Lately – Clean ft. The Grouch

J.LATELY is an emcee from California. ‘Clean’ featuring THE GROUCH, is a mix of indie-soul, funk, and rap sensibilities that is as delectable as you can imagine. The rhythms snatch away the blues, as fast as the bullet train runs through your mind. ‘Clean’ is about pain, and what we do about it. Pain is part of life. In fact, it is the norm. What we do to stave off the waves of pain, is when we find ourselves and define our personal convictions. Strength is made through stress. Forging new ways of getting through is what J.LATELY wants to cheer. For he’s human too, and he needs that encouragement too. We all do.

Ceschi – Say No More

Dedicated to a dear friends, Bobby & Pepe, CESCHI delivers a clean and clear offering of support through ‘Say No More’. Facing crisis with the law is a hard thing to defend against. Especially when it’s a state or federal crime. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t friends, lovers, and people who care about the accused, who will wait and ponder the ticking minutes. Within folds of reality, there can be multitudes of realities that, from afar, can’t be fathomed or understood. In a world of decisions often made for others, from strangers, a little bit of empathy is needed. Here’s to hopin’.


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