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Sad13 – ‘Fixina’ + ‘The Sting’ (official music video)

Sad13 shared, not one, but two new videos for tracks taken from her 2016 release, Slugger. Check out ‘Fixina’ + ‘The Sting’.

That is: 1 + another 1 = TWO

What a bargain.

Sadie puts it this way:
“Our goal was to shoot a double feature, with videos by Grimes and Melanie Martinez as our inspiration. Zoloo and Vrinda came up with the concept that I’d play a monster in one video, and a monster hunter in the other–the two most sympathetic character types in fiction, in my opinion. We shot on a freezing cold roof, on a lake in a snowstorm, bribed some Elmos to hang out, and of course we gave both the monster and the monster hunter plenty of glittery looks.”

Sadie’s a goddess.


Pop songs and, deep breath emotional rollercoaster stories – all blended in the weird and quirky; that’s why.

It’s a diary.

It’s serious.

All in a princess dress up.

Self hate? Nope. Self reflection (and the world around her). Just observations.

Take a look at the videos. Then listen, without the videos.

Yep. Another plane, man.

She’d rep’ed by Car Park Records, working straight outta Washington, DC.



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