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Safariari Shares Single ‘Kärlek’. “Waking Up In The Beach Sunlight…”

Waking up in the beach sunlight that first day of work, in paradise, was the best. The view from the hotel was beautiful, in more ways than one. After getting ready, we all walked languidly to the seafood restaurant right next to the hotel. We had a feast. There, we had the largest and freshest clams, lobsters, and backed fish, we’d ever eaten.

By 1pm, we’d eaten our fill, and drank enough to get us over for couple hours while we got ready for the beach. By this time, the vacationers were awake, and starting to bustle near the beach. Our ‘Miami-Hawaiian Shirts’ were colorful, as much as the bathing suits on the girls and boys on the sunset strip.

What a week it was.

She was beautiful when we met.

There were many things we couldn’t write about.

‘Kärlek’ is the new single from SAFARIARI and it reminded us of a particular week in Miami. Why? We don’t know. But the frenetic pace of the song, with some fabulous and fun synth work, our minds traveled to that humid summer work week, that had turned into pleasure.

The ‘Miami-Hawaiian’ shirt, still exists to this day.



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