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Safecamp Shares ‘The Rain’. “And The Washing Over Of The Cleansing Waters, Will Be…”

On August, SAFECAMP released its debut album ‘From a Certain Point of View’. The album is a mix of several genres, twisted and re-purposed to give the world a little spice for the life that SHOULDN’T BE. A warning to the facts of life and perspective misogyny, innocently pointed out from the arms of the stranger within.

‘The Rain’ is the first track released from the album, and it starts off the listener in a desperate state of affairs, mightily unobtrusive, mightily self-impeding. Reminiscent of early Seattle grunge style of expression, SAFECAMP’s devotion to the arcane disinfectant inner views, copiously intrigue and subjugate.

The flow of the single is ‘trudging’, like stuck in the a storm and the cement starts to melt underneath your feet – slowing you down, impeding. You force yourself to go forward, but that makes it even harder.

Knees up high.

Lean forward.

Break that rubber band that’s holding you back.

Where are the scissors?

SAFECAMP is Robert James. ‘The Rain’ puts a small hole at the bottom of the bucket of emotions, Robert has hoarded for himself. The dam is about to burst, as they say.

And the washing over of the cleansing waters, will be…



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