Safetalk – Gold of the Highest

Safetalk’s Gold Of The Highest wicks us swiftly into electronic umbrage – a shadowy journey taking days, straining, winning, battling, defeating, forging – one’s basic instincts, torn then caressed.

It’s a trip. It’s a certain constant.

We at CHF, dig music stuff that are pushing the envelope. We always call it a “sensibility” that is different, but relevant. Relevant for helping the package that a certain band can deliver. Relevant in continuing a conversation, we probably didn’t know that it was going on. Relevant in keeping the discussion in the fore, nudging that elbow into the friend’s ribs.

And we think Gold Of The Highest asks the right questions and we dig it.

The lyrics are demanding – of us who listen. The music is demanding – of our key momentary memories. The questions is subversive – in its contextual scraping of our popular heart.

It’s about strength, undefined.

Wind that down; the galaxy astounds – and within that corner, Safetalk lives and does very well.

The band describes this song as “Fusing psychedelic soul to intricate, pulsating electronic rhythms and radiant synths…want us to look beyond our weak flesh and…open our hearts and minds to the strength we all possess within ourselves”.

We’d agree.



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