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Saffron A // Language Arts // Beach of Diamonds // Rose of the West // Benedikt

Saffron A – Resilience

SAFFRON A’s power is deep and mysterious as the oceans. Her lyrics – a portrait of misgivings, regrets, violence, and assurances – are a grating emotional roller coaster that never slows down. The hurt from another, from her inner being, from the forces that works so hard to keep her where she doesn’t want to be. She is a ‘knight’ who seeks to find that magical chalice. ‘Resilience’ is an emphatic recompense to the one she ‘was’, and then goes forward (and rightly) to unapologetically dilute the sadness and the embalming suffocation that hovered over her shoulders. It hurts. As the weight of it, snaps her reality to two sides of a forked road, she decides to take control of that roller coaster, with both hands on the horns. SAFFRON A is a delight, powerful, and rivetingly communicates her ever personal struggles. Her EP ‘Resilience’ drops May 4th.

Language Arts – Against The Wind

Kristen Cudmore is LANGUAGE ARTS and in ‘Against The Wind’ it is forward thinking in its vanquished thoughts and desired stance, against what has to be. The reckoning is in part, a relevance to be the savior of what resistance may come to the fore. Undulations of waves, choruses that linger with bright aftertastes, all satisfied by the unremittingly symbolisms that tag our everyday. We must shake off the hinges of what ails, and never look back again. Some kind of love compels you to be afraid. Afraid of being too real. Afraid of being nothing like you’d imagined. It’s the gas pedal that never relents, and never yields. We all must play the game. After all, it is built, within us.

Beach of Diamonds – Up All Night

Classic pop hooks. Gorgeous and throbbing build. Ravenous vocals and harmonies. BEACH OF DIAMONDS is a relatively new duo project and it shares itself with its audience by making songs like ‘Up All Night’. The song is just simple and loving fun! It is love and its guiltless pop inducements makes us teens once more, with never a consequential frown but only optimism for the future. Michael Markussen and Sondre L. Paulsen are the pilots to this pop-rock offering, and – like they – dig this effervescent invitation to the fullest. Dance like you don’t care, and it’s alright. The vibrant single makes life shine in places where we’d not known before. Let’s forget this world, just for a moment, with BEACH OF DIAMONDS.

Rose of the West – Roads

Gina Barrington, Thomas Gilbert, Erin Wolf, Cedric LeMoyne, and Dave Power empower the powerless visions and embark on travels of the mind that needs to be experienced. Roads are emphasis for us to guide our mental souls from unnecessary deviations. Or is it only there to keep us on a beaten path of no return? Everything in this world are tempting and greener. Will we be tempted to deviate from the guts of why we exist in the first place? You must decide individually and for yourself. But will that be enough to deflect from forces from without? ROSE OF THE WEST asks and beckons such ethereal questions that have real world consequences. And with ‘Roads’, we cringe at the thought of what we’d done to take the possible ‘right’ road. Thought provoking and salient, the 5 piece band shimmer with unadulterated glamor in this brooding but outward looking introspective of a single. And we dig it to bits for its maturation and for its chic beauty. The self title latest album is out now.

Benedikt – Paper Mache

Hans Olav Settems is an artist who knows how to cook. His music are culinary nutrition for the heart; for the mind. As his vocals drown out the noise of the world, he sings solely for us, for you. ‘Paper Mache’ is a single about ‘near death’ experiences. And through a conduit like a concept that is ‘near death’, life begins anew with a different perspective to the here and now. Pomp and pageantry lingers as you slide towards the nether-world. Will there be banjos and horns like there is in ‘Paper Mache’? Or will there be only quiet bliss? BENEDIKT isn’t here to decide on what happens at each end of the spectrum, but is more interested in what happens as we awake from this slumber of shock, awe, and the unknown. Intriguing indeed. BENEDIKT’s sense of wholeness is seeded deep within his songs, and we dig that.


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