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Saint Agnes Shares ‘Move Like A ghost’. “To transform the everyday into something special.”

Exorcism? Yes. That’s what we feel when listening to ‘Move Like A Ghost’. The decadent power chords, darkness cast by the church organs, and the funky metal vocal harmonies will make this excise to our sensibilities a joy to behold.

British garage-rock 4 piece SAINT AGNES dropped their debut album ‘Welcome to Silvertown’ (available now). And when this dignity happened, the world was a bit better than before.

With sensibilities that are aware of the Chemical Brothers and Beastie Boys essentials, the band elevates without asphyxiating through the atmosphere of just ‘normal’. In fact, the ‘freshness’ factor of this single seems to hit a very high mark, as the aggression is delectably counter-supported by the rock edge that never deviates from the song’s beginning.

SAINT AGNES is something different. It’s rock with an edge, on top of another edge.

The band is at the right apex as the band is getting ready for the UK festival season, where they will play Live At Leeds, Handmade Festival, Camden Rocks and Truck Festival, with London’s Dingwalls (October 24th) in the fall.

The band cited the album saying: “With the album, we wanted to transform everyday mundane events into moments of high drama in an attempt to better understand our own stories. We wanted to magnify and illuminate certain aspects of ourselves in order to see a little more clearly, and we wanted to create narratives that people could connect with and recognise as their own battles, their own feelings”.

The band consists of Kitty Austen (Vocals/Guitar/Keys), Jon James Tufnell (Vocals/Guitar), Ben Chernett (Bass) and Andy Head (Drums). The band has already surpassed more than 200 shows on the European continent. With much support and a fabulous 2018, 2019 will surely be a landmark pillar for many great accolades and milestones to come.



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