Saint Estrela – Whistle Of Love

Whistle Of Love by Saint Estrela, oddly starts with a whistle at the beginning. But then punctuates with deft indie notes, and the ascribing its goodness hieroglyphs, definitively, into our collective brain matter.

That means it’s a fab song.

‘Whistle Of Love’ originally was printed and distributed through it’s ‘A Few Early Days Songs’ EP.

Like many of Saint’s attitude in his songs, ‘Whistle Of Love’ is light, bright, and gives off the ‘looking-forward-to-the-day’ sensibility – no matter the subject matter.

That is a good thing. The notes travel well, in that iPhone of yours – repeat, repeat.


Then, Saint Estrela and his rep at Z Tapes said, “whoa, we should combine the two EPs and offer it to the world!”.

So they did.

On November 20, ‘Two Faces 2015​-​2017’ was released by Saint Estrela, combining 2 EPs previously printed.

And what’s the verdict?

Just as kick-ass as the two separate EPs, that’s what.

How about them apples!

Sorry, went on a tangent again.

But our summation and conclusion is the same.

You get the awesome whistles in ‘Whistle Of Love’, then you get the sultry diatribes of love gone by in ‘My Baby’s Gone’. Then, get on that adventure trail to the tune of ‘Since Emotions Are Gone’.

Plus, several more!

It’s a win-win, simply put.

The print is on sale and available now.

As mentioned, Saint Estrela is rep’ed by Z Tapes, working out of Svätý Jur, Slovakia.


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