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Saint Kodiak Shares Single ‘Like It Is’ Off Of Latest Album ‘Fumes’.

Off of his newest 7 song album ‘Fumes’, SAINT KODIAK (Gunnar Holmlintermann), the artist with the Scandinavian heritage and the graciously magnetic songwriting abilities, swerve at our hazy senses with his single ‘Like It Is’.

An alt-folk offering, ‘Like It Is’ ingratiates itself through the mud of life. And as it dives into the utmost truculent ravages, the story dares to view the light of day with a dash of pragmatism and a selfless addition to just ‘move on’. The ‘pain’ of necessity, in the hopes to wake from this desire, culminates into a snowball of wishes and chaos. ‘Like It Is’ is that center of the Hurricane, stroking with affection and support for the ones who you care about – willing to go a step more, to wield a mighty sword of common sense and assistance.

“Sometimes we need to thank whoever gives us a slap in the face,” said Gunnar. “My new single is a celebration of the ones who dare to push someone else if that someone else is stagnating and can’t see it himself. It is a song about necessary pain. That is why I – in my new single LIKE IT IS – thank the person who sets my house on fire – if that house has become like a jail.”

Gunnar’s work and project is a cross between several genres, attempting (and succeeding) in communicating the supple under-belly of lives and situations of this world. A local but worldly ambition, the songs on his album belies the sometimes harshness of the world, petting it into submission, in the most kind of methods.

The clash of sensibilities wane, just a bit, to shake hands and accept the plight of it all. Then sitting down in a pow-wow, in an effort to make sense of it all.

With intense vocal restraints, harmonized by the weather of simultaneous compulsions, the unrelenting grit, beckons all the more.

And we all should be side by side with SAINT KODIAK. For it is a noble endeavor.




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