Saint Rock ‘Finishing Touches’ : Like a perfect moment’s evening.

Saint Rock

SAINT ROCK is a songwriting and music production team, based in London and Paris, consisting of Adam Parker and Fabian Faupel. They are a team of songwriters and producers who share a deep passion for quality pop music, which we put into every single project we are working on.

“We enjoy creating great backing tracks that take something new to the table and have crisp and exciting arrangements – when it comes to pop-songwriting we never forget about the importance of the top line,” said Saint Rock. “What we believe in particularly is the identity of the artist and the uniqueness of their music. We love working on tailored and customized productions for our clients, reflecting the artists personality and his/her core message.”

In ‘Finishing Touches’, there’s nothing that can get in the way of the possibilities. The sun rises, for the perpetual optimist. The moon rises, for the work to be done. Enthusiasm for life, is never eroded in this single, as the female vocals, perfectly fit, like a perfect moment’s evening.


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