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Sal Valentine’s Single ‘Maxine’. “It Takes You Away. Don’t Blame Yourself.”

Why do you do, what you do? Don’t be like that. Don’t be so harsh towards me. Don’t be so cruel. Don’t.

“It was around two years ago that I had the very fruitful revelation that I didn’t have to wallow in my own bullshit for a few seconds and in fact I could totally wallow in someone else’s.

SAL VALENTINE brings you the dancing shoes you need. Then he warns that you might be dead from dancing so much. You ignore his caution, then you immediately proceed.

‘Maxine’ is a single that calculates that kind of candid reaction from our little 70’s world, within. Guitars, horns, the vocals, the drums – it takes you away, and can’t blame yourself for being in the mood to dance.

Take out that leisure tux in your closet and go. Go to your family’s house and dance. Go to your friend’s house and dance. Go to the safe place in your heart, and dance your heart out. The disco, soul personality of SAL VALENTINE is very much infectious.

Let’s party.

Just a note: ‘Maxine’ isn’t about ‘flowers’ and ‘sunshine’, but it’s contradicted by the rhythm of the song. And we dig that. However, don’t dwell in it too much. Just go with what you feel, for we did the same.

“Here, hold my hand. I’ll lead.”

Upcoming album ‘This Party Blows’ is due to drop in October.



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