Salami Rose Joe Louis ‘Kinda Cold’ (Dakim Remix) : embracing and foreboding architecture. Rushes forth into the never.

Salami Rose Joe Jouis

Infectiously invigorating. And in the most utmost salutatory compulsory iridescence.

The capsizing forces of single ‘Kinda Cold’ by Salami Rose Joe Louis is beautifully highlighted by the contrasts and weavings of Dakim’s drum/bass format of story and indulgence.

A putrid composition of utter semblance of beauty in arch, the hallowed rainbows, melt in the rising tides of the blazing stars, in heaven and earth.

The lush build up and intrinsic connection to your very limits of soul, preside with the ambulance of revelry and the unbeknownst.

Off of LP ‘Chapters of Zdenka’, Salami Rose Joe Louis’ ever embracing and foreboding architecture in sound and imagination, rushes forth into the never.

As always.

And we follow.


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