Salim Nourallah Covers Psychedelic Furs’ ‘President Gas’ : palpable rock vocals of Salim’s dedicate itself to appreciating our listening pleasures.

'President Gas'

‘President Gas’ is his most recent release from Salim Nourallah.

“I happened to be working on a pandemic inspired jigsaw puzzle the night protesters in DC were tear-gassed for the now-infamous presidential photo op, replete with upside down bible. The Psychedelic Furs song ‘President Gas’ randomly came on while we jigsawed. It was eerily fitting. I proceeded to play the song ad nauseum then stopped my puzzle folies to figure out the chords.

“I started re-writing the words only as a “what if?” songwriting exercise. There has never been anything wrong with the words to “President Gas,” they rule. I just wanted to hear a new version of the song that fit this dystopian scene of a President LITERALLY having crowds of peaceful protesters gassed. I hope you get a kick out of this re-imagining of a brilliant song that also has an axe or two to grind against oppressive powers that be.”

When asked to sum up his 25 year career in music, songwriter/producer Salim Nourallah says, “I feel like the Texas version of Nick Lowe, except I haven’t entered my silver haired crooner phase yet.”

The happily rockin’ vibes of Salim Nourallah comes off of his works, like majestic shimmers. With his latest, the palpable rock vocals of Salim’s dedicate itself to appreciating our listening pleasures, from here to Sunday.

A charm in any stretch, Salim’s commentary and love for the musical life, passes on to our best of urges.


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