Sallies ‘Substance’ : Brings the crash cymbal splashing, hard chords pumpin’, slappy vocals throwin’ … goodness.


‘Substance’ is kind of a jagged punk ballad of loneliness and a disconnect from the black Friday Sale culture,” said NYC band Sallies. “A theme that maybe could be picked up on throughout the album. Opening with the lines “Conversation failed again, reached out for an idle hand, It’s too crowded to feel so alone, Everyone becomes GMO…” A loveless love song, a bit sloppy and a little too fast but mostly left as it first came out.”

They’re too humble. For this fab indie-rock goodness is surf with the punk edge that you needed today. They have so much fun. You can feelz. Formed in 2018 their debut album ‘More of the Same’ brings the crash cymbal splashing, hard chords pumpin’, slappy vocals throwin’, Friday night goodness we all deserve to hear.

A new billowing of smoky punk shimmering irreverence graces this world through the quartet.

Dang Anohen, Lip Molina, Jesse James and Mike Coe together are Sallies.

They have too much fun. And we’re jealous.

LP is out now.


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