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Salvador Dassi Shares ‘Anhedonia’. “Pulsing doubts. Simmering optimism.”

Off of his self titled LP, ‘Anhedonia’ is a pulsing-ly ambiguous synth annexation for your mind. And heart, if you’d let it. For the fortress of love and loss, in-between and all that is external, can whither away, without a trace – without semblance of any kind.

Live it now. Not later.

SALVADOR DASSI said: “This song is about wanting / not wanting to leave a relationship. [The word] ‘Anhedonia’ means not finding pleasure in normally pleasurable things.”

Yes. That happens. At angles, we humans are masochistic in nature. Constance means ‘boredom’ to a degree. Stimulus is needed at certain levels, at odd intervals, and at normal variation. Demanding chemical menstruations, effect our cortex without care, without reason, no matter our sex.

But what can we do. We’re just lucky to be functioning as productively as we do, right?


But in that serenity, we strive for more, and we think Salvador’s ‘Anhedonia’ is a warning and of the torrent of thing to come.

Life’s confusion is not an outlier, for sure.



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