Sam Baird ‘Time’s Up’ : Benevolence for the rest of humanity, ripens i harmony and understanding.

Sam Baird

“This song is about a man, who came from nothing, but gets everything he ever wished for over night,” said Sam Baird. “But this wasn’t for the best. He becomes a worse person for it, treating his old friends like rats, whilst he enjoys his new life. But despite this, his old friends and family are still there for him when he once again loses everything. It’s about trying to be a better person despite what life throws at you. It’s about how failing at being a good person is okay.”

Sam is an indie/alternative/rock musician with a passion for writing and recording. Sam’s music career really started with the release of his debut EP, ‘No One Can See You Now’. Released to a small, but overwhelmingly positive response, he quickly followed up the release with two more singles, ‘Put on Those Glasses’, and, ‘We Blow Everything Away But Ourselves’.

Big sound, coupled with rock n’ roll vocals, Sam’s attitudes seep into every crevasse of his expressions. A resounding gumption for whatever the universe can throw at him, he builds his songs in definite defiance and hence, delights the musical gods, with emphasis for the unique and the exciting.

Sam’s ‘Time’s Up’, cuts through. And in that design, his benevolence for the rest of humanity, ripens i harmony and understanding.


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