Sam Crossland ‘Insecurity (Living in a Dream)’ : Can’t say better than that. Can’t do it better.

Sam Crossland

“This one is personal for me,” said Sam Crossland, “I’ve struggled with depression, bi polar disorder, and hard drug abuse, but I know these are things that I don’t struggle with alone. A lot of people, even your favorite celebrities or just the people you look up to, deal with their own insecurities. It’s easy for people to tell you, “hey, you don’t need to be insecure, no one thinks that way about you,” when they’re not talking about themselves. But everyone has stuff they don’t like about themselves, and having someone tell you that it’s all made up in your head just comes off as sort of inconsiderate. Cuz yeah, maybe the person telling you that doesn’t feel that way, but it’s extremely tough to step outside of yourself and truly look at whether people really care about this or that.”

“No matter how confident you are, you’re gonna doubt yourself, I guess the real test is whether you can just ignore that voice in your head and push forward, but I can’t lie and say it’s easy, that’s for sure, but I gotta try, because literally what else am I going to do? Not release music cuz I think it’s terrible? Screw that.”

Can’t say better than that.


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