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Sam Fender // Moncrieff // The Roosevelts // Billy Wilson // Rachel K Collier

Sam Fender – Will We Talk?

“It was a truly magic day,” said Sam Fender. “Everybody in the team worked so well together and I am so proud of the performances we’ve captured with Vevo and for being selected as a LIFT artist. We went in there and played like it was our last day on earth”. VEVO today announces the release of Sam Fender’s exclusive LIFT performance new single ‘Will We Talk?’ VEVO stated: “The 25-year-old musician plays every gig as though it could well be his last, armed with a huge, cavernous vocal and electric guitar, and fueled by the timeless belief that great guitar music still has the power to change lives and influence people.” The North Shields singer/songwriter has had a great year, and with the imminent release of his eagerly-anticipated debut album ‘Hypersonic Missiles’, coming down the pipeline.

Moncrieff – Like I DO
MONCRIEFF’s single ‘Like I Do’ is off of his upcoming ‘The Early Hurts’ EP due later October. Monster vocals and affection expressed with every fiber of his being, the Ireland originating pop artist keeps it real and ultra textured. MONCRIEFF said: “Like I Do” tells the story of a break up with an ex-partner with brutal honesty and sincerity. It always feels promising and a relief to have that moment of clarity about love, Like I Do is turning up at your exes door far too late and trying to win them back out of the hands of their new lover. Sometimes break up songs have a habit of being told with images and metaphors to help round off the edges and soften the blow a bit for the other person, but most of the time in real life it doesn’t work this way… in my experience and I’m sure in many others, when you break up, there’s tears, grit and angry words… there’s bitterness as well as care and love that hovers around and that’s what “Like I Do” captures: real feelings, bad times.” Look for European tour dates soon.

The Roosevelts – Trippin’ On Your Love

Nashville-based pop duo made up of Mitchell Kilpatrick and Jason Kloess brings some nice and good sanity in this lovely charmer named ‘Trippin’ On Your Love’. After the departure of their lead singer in late 2017, The Roosevelts are back with a new direction, new singer and all new songs. Their first release, “Do You Want Me?” debuted May 11, 2018 and has quickly become a fan favorite. MTV has featured two of the band’s singles on their shows.

Billy Wilson – My Favorite Drug

Billy Wilson is a Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist from Thousand Oaks, CA. He was first discovered after having recorded a cover of the song Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran which was retweeted by Selena Gomez. He released his debut EP Hopelessly Optimistic in 2016 and followed it with the single “In the End” in 2018. He has released two singles in 2019: ‘New York Love’ and this current single, ‘My Favorite Drug’. His first full length album is in the works.

Rachel K Collier – Faith Over Fear (Anders Enger Jensen Remix)

This is the official 80’s remix of artist Rachel K Collier’s current single, Faith Over Fear, and it’s that 80s power-pop goodness, over and over. Anders Enger Jensen is an electronic producer from Norway with impressive production and musical ear for reworks. RACHEL K COLLIER is the Welsh originating dynamo (now based in London), keeps her focus and keeps a guru like perspective into ‘distractions’ of life. We’re just glad they end up in one of her songs – a benefit for our eyes and ears, for sure. Now with this remix, it just gets better and better.


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